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iScala ERP Overview

Epicor iScala is an affordable yet comprehensive ERP solution that helps SMBs compete in their market—whether operating locally or globally. It enables real-time collaboration not only internally, but also between companies and their trading partners.

iScala is an award-winning, flexible solution that can be readily adapted to meet the unique needs of companies across a wide range of verticals—including hospitality, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical, light engineering, electronics, automotive components, consumer packaged goods, and much more.

Built on robust Financials and Operations Cores, its modular and flexible infrastructure and inbuilt integration tools offer the benefits of being simple to implement, operate, and extend—saving you time and money.

Epicor iScala also adapts to the ever-changing needs of its users, their increasingly mobile workforce, and the environment within which they operate.

 iScala offers the benefits of:

  • Flexible functionality for your particular organization

  • Being simple to implement, extend and operate

  • Being built for today’s mobile workforce

  • Simplifying Regulatory Compliance and Governance


Manage Every Part of Your Business With iScala ERP Modules

Financial Management

Manage financial operations and gain powerful insights into performance, expense, and risk.


Production Management 

Simplify processes, reduce waste, and improve profitability—regardless of product complexity.

Service Management 

Turn after-sales support into a profit center.

Project Management 

Plan and execute simple or complex multilevel projects with strict costing and billing requirements.

Supply Chain Management 

Manage your supply chain more efficiently—from forecasting and planning to shipping and fulfillment.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics tools with Epicor Data Analytics provide a clearer view of your business.


Sales Management 

Produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders easily.

Planning and Scheduling 

Anticipate and respond flexibly to changes in customer demand to minimize downtime and disruption.

Human Capital Management 

Manage your global workforce—from skills and training to payroll and employee self-service.

Product Management 

Improve collaboration between engineering, procurement, production, sales, and quality control teams.

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Christian Berner

“It is an ideal fit...Simply put, iScala enables us to focus on growing our business—rather than the technology enabling it.” 

Weimer Andersson, 


Energizer 2.jpg

“…Pricing policies on raw material and supplies [previously] made things very difficult and complicated…We did not face this with Epicor iScala.”


Ms. Kongked Hadpinkajornjaru, 
Senior System Analyst


Steel 2.jpg

“We achieved the highest sales record last year in our history. I believe this was closely related with the implementation of iScala.” 

James Xu, 
Logistics Manager


Global Success Stories

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