Exelsys is a Cloud based Human Capital Management System delivered through a network of Consulting Services Partners. It automates and centralizes employee management and self-service while optimizing a company’s investment in its online employees.





 Human Capital Management





Exelsys Human Capital Management helps you effectively manage your human capital, the most important asset in your organization.

It is a comprehensive system that helps you to efficiently and effectively direct and manage your daily HR functions. From hiring the staff to analysing pertinent information, Exelsys Human Capital Management helps you get the job done with minimal effort.

It enables collaboration and reduces administrative overhead in the company, allowing improved productivity and reduced costs. For more information, please visit


Track and Analyse Employee information

Exelsys Human Capital Management understands that the people associated with your enterprise are your most important asset and provides you with the tools to hold, inquire on and track a wide range of personal information. This can include medical details, benefits, past experience, confidential information, items assigned to the employee, training records, appraisals, preferred language for correspondence and personal contacts, as well as the basic details such as date of birth, employee number and addresses



Functional Areas

  • Employee Information
  • Recruitment stamp and Vacancy Management
  • Competency Management and Appraisals
  • Training Records
  • Absence Management
  • Positions Management and Organisational Charts
  • Dashboard and Analaytics

Technology that is easy to use and implement

Exelsys HCM is a self-service browser based application delivered through the internet and is very easy to use as it uses the familiar MS Outlook look and feel. Simple and advanced filtering functionality available throughout the system enables you to quickly narrow down and find the information that you need. The advanced multi-language capability allows each user to communicate with the system in his/her own language. Every company has different data that they need to store. The “User defined fields” and Dimensions capability allows you to define the extra data items required by your organisation.